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[8] Zionists and the Means of Communication: [Religious Organisations Involved In Economic and Political Activity]

In The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Allah [The Exalted] said:

وَإِذَا قُلۡتُمۡ فَٱعۡدِلُواْ وَلَوۡ ڪَانَ ذَا قُرۡبَىٰ‌ۖ
And when you testify, be just, even if (it concerns) a near relative. [1]

When you testify by way of a statement to judge between people, differentiate between them in a discourse, and speak regarding matters and circumstances, be just in your speech, adhere to truthfulness regarding those you love and those you hate, be fair and do not conceal what needs to be made clear because it is forbidden and tantamount to injustice to divert (from justice and fairness) when speaking against the one you hate. [2]

Therefore, we remind ourselves of the fact that not all Jews are engaged in the plots of the Zionists, as Shaikh Abu Iyaad [may Allah preserve him] stated, “It is important to note that not all Jews are involved in these intrigues and the Jews as a population have, throughout history, been subject to the whims and desires of their religious and political leaders, and have been made to undergo much persecution as a result”. Must read below:


International Christian Embassy

This Christian-Zionist organisation was established in occupied Jerusalem in 1980 after the Israeli Jewish government’s decision to consider Jerusalem a unified and eternal capital for Israel. It was stated in the founding document of the organisation: “It is clear that God alone established this international Christian embassy in these critical hours to comfort Zion and a new response of love for Israel”. Jan Van Der Hoven, the organisation’s president, and founder, stated: “We are more Zionist than the Israelis themselves. Jerusalem is the only city that receives the Lord’s attention and the Lord has given this land to Israel forever”. This organisation maintains that there will be no place for the second coming of Christ if Israel does not exist. In addition to protecting and assisting Israel, it also backs its expansionist policies and proclaims that the West Bank and Gaza are divinely granted rights for the Jewish people. To support Israel’s economic growth in the areas of industry and tourism, it established an international investment fund and urged everyone to resist the Arab boycott of the country. It has established centers in over 40 countries worldwide. In the United States alone, the organisation has 22 branches spread across 22 states. At each branch, there is a bishop holding the rank of consul, whose duties include coordinating gatherings and rallies in support of Israel, soliciting financial contributions and aid, selling bonds in support of the country, and establishing direct communication with decision-makers to get Jerusalem recognised as Israel’s eternal capital. The US Congress’s first resolution, passed in April 1990, urging the US government to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal and united capital, was greatly influenced by this organisation. Apart from organising periodic conferences in Jerusalem, this organization’s most significant endeavour is probably organising the yearly Christian Zionist Conference, which takes place in the same location as Zionism’s initial founding conference in Basel, Switzerland. [3]

[1] Translator: Shaikh Abu Iyaad. NobleQur’an

[2] An Excerpt from Tafseer as-Sadi. Slightly paraphrased

[3] An Excerpt from “As-Sahyuniyyah An-Nasraaniyyah, Diraasah Fee Daw’i Al-Aqeedah Al-Islaamiyyah”. pages pages 372-373